The first commercial works by METODA DESIGN TEAM date back to 1998.
Since then, we have completed a great number of projects of various types and scales, as well as successfully participated in numerous worldwide design contests. Our core specialization is automotive design, including scooters, motorbikes, electric vehicles, quads, and all types of cars. Our significant advantage is the experience in cooperation with Chinese factories which we gained in managing a number of design projects directly in China.

We offer our clients a complete design process including:
 market research, concept creation and development, visualization
, preparation for manufacturing.
We adjust our offer to the needs and requirements of each client. If required, we also provide 
professional support in respect of the designed products, such as graphics and packaging design,
visual communication and presentation.

The success of a project depends largely on a good diagnosis of the market and defining appropriate assumptions. 
As professionals and enthusiasts of the automotive industry, we know and understand the European and global market,
with all its fashions and new trends. Using this knowledge based on many years of experience, we can identify market niches
and give the project the right style that will make it a sales hit.


Drawing is an international language in which we want to communicate with you. 
Excellent technique, imagination and creativity, combined with precision, will enable
to quickly find a perfect shape. Our ideas are always fresh, original and fashionable.
The knowledge of ergonomy and production technology allows us to develop creative
and feasible ideas. Already at the conceptual stage of a project, we take into account production costs and homologation requirements.


A full size 3D clay model  is a standard deliverable for production process.
A precisely prepared model allows to refine all details, and provides the basis
for implementation of a CAD model. The many years of experience we have allows us
to create a visually attractive form that remains in line with all technology aspects. 
A claymodel can be produced in our studio in Huangyan, as well as in your factory,
in full cooperation with your engineers.


After completing the claymodel we scan all its surfaces to put it into a 3D program for digital processing. Our professionals will prepare a precise 3D model with all necessary assembly components, in consultation with your engineers. If you prefer to entrust the digital processing to your engineers, we can supervise their work. As designers, we should retain a monitoring role in this process to successfully bring an idea born on paper to an equally attractive final product.


A fast-shape prototype is the best way to see how the product, designed in a 3D program, will look in reality. Our professionals can prepare a realistic prototype, by which you will be able to assess both the outlook of the body, as well as the colors and finishing of all materials. If you want to prepare the fast shape by yourself, we can help you to take care of the details, and prepare an attractive model to be used, for example, for presentation at trade fairs.


Graphics for the product and the advertising materials are an extremely important part of a successful project. Already in the initial sketches, we pay a lot of attention to attractive looks. The choice of appropriate colors, stickers and materials will give your product a classy look which will help it distinguish itself from the many other products in the market. Also, the right exposure of your brand, an appropriate matching of names with signs, as well as creating special editions, are of essence in the demanding European market. All of these we can provide for you in the highest quality.